6 out of every 10 employees today say they have never had any training at their workplaces and that their skills are largely self-taught.*

When we deliver our Slip Risk Awareness Programme, we often find that many of the participants have never had any specific training around Slips, Trips and Falls. The number 1 cause of non-fatal injury in the workplace.**


Employees should be armed with the knowledge that empowers them to minimise and manage the risk of slip, not left to guess if their actions will actually make the slip risk worse.

  • Do you understand the mechanics of a slip and how a slip actually occurs?
  • Do you fully understand the factors influencing slip risk on your premises?
  • Are you effectively measuring and managing the risk of slip in accordance to H&S laws?
  • Do you know what actions you can implement to reduce slip risk within your day to day role?
  • Are you aware of actions you can take to mitigate and manage any slip risk posed?
  • Are you are reporting slip incidents correctly or are you leaving yourself exposed?
Slip, Trips and Falls are becoming increasingly important and high on people’s agenda. SlipTest have seen an increased uptake in their Slip Awareness Training sessions, designed to help you and your staff combat gaps in routines and behaviours that are potentially leaving you exposed. We have also seen a reduction in the amount of people investing in floor treatments as they realise arming their staff to combat the problem is far more effective and inexpensive.


  • Slips, Trips and Falls cost society over £800m a year.
  • 6.3 million estimated working days lost due to non-fatal workplace injuries*
  • Aviva quote ‘There are over 100,000 serious slip accidents every year, so managing the slip risk is vital, both in terms of safety and claims defensibility.’
  • Average slip claim up to £15,000. This includes time spent investigating, legal costs, compensation pay outs, potential HSE fines, prosecutions and damaged reputation
  • ABI (Association of British Insurers) report – 70k fraudulent slip claims detected with a value of £800 million across 2015/16** ** (Source ABI)
  • An accident is recorded every three minutes.
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    So far this year slips have cost society at least:



    of all accidents to the public are slips and trips.