Food Manufacturer Case Study


Food Manufacturer ABC were recording an increasing number of slip incidents and near misses at their production facility, which was causing them a great deal of concern.

After our initial meeting, the manufacturer was keen to progress but funding was an issue as budgets were tight and agreed for the year.


SlipTest helped the customer to secure funding from their insurer, to meet the costs of testing and also additional budget to action any recommendations to improve slip risk.

Testing highlighted the following:


  • Contamination on the new and previously repaired areas of floor surface were seeing much less slip resistant than the original floor.
  • High levels of contamination, created throughout the production process, were found to be building up on the floor surface. This was apparent in multiple areas of the factory and significantly affecting the slip risk.
  • A significant risk of fire or explosion was also identified as waste hoppers were overflowing, filling the air and surrounding floor with large amounts of contamination.
  • Changes in employee behaviour were strongly recommended. Workers did not take any responsibility or ownership for cleaning their work areas. Furthermore, did not take action if they spotted any spillages or contamination on the floors. Employees reported a lack of facilities to enable this. 

flooring image
flooring image


The risk mitigation fund granted by the insurer allowed for areas of concern on the flooring to be refinished with a more suitable surface resulting in a higher slip resistance.

Guards were added to waste hopper machines which significantly reduced the amounts of contamination, alongside this a routine was established to regularly empty the waste hoppers.

A more stringent and more frequent cleaning regime was implemented.

Cleaning stations were implemented and conveniently positioned throughout the facility to enable workers to maintain a clean workspace and clear up any spillages.

Behavioural notices were displayed, reminding workers of their responsibilities to ensure their safety and that of their colleagues.

On our return, improved results were recorded across many of the test locations, some still required further work. The customer reported that slip incidents had reduced and as a result a regular testing regime was agreed and supported financially by the insurance mitigation fund.

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